Hey guys, it is Tyler with Bamboo here with another quick little tip for you. So one thing that we’ve noticed is, if you can see, the spider webs around this light post your lights that are around garages, patios, doorways, insects are attracted to that light at night. And so spiders tend to make nests and webs around those areas to catch those flying insects. So when you do your pest control, or you have your company treat for you, what we do personally is we use a brush head that’s treated with dust to first remove the web and then that dust acts as a residual to keep spiders and other insects like wasps, from making future nests in the area. So just make sure that that’s something you hit. It’s a really common area for bugs to start making a nest so just wanted to give you a little tip. Again, enough small things tend to make a big difference and this is a small thing that can help quite a bit



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