5 Ways Pest are Entering your Home

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5 Ways Pest are Entering your Home

Pests are attracted to the food and warmth in our homes. They are always looking for ways to stay away from the cold winters and rainy days. In search of a cozy place to stay, Pests enter your home through unsealed areas that give them easy access.

Some access paths used by the pests are evident to you. Others will, however, require a thorough inspection of your perimeter before you can spot them.

1. Cracks in your Doors

Insects can enter your home through the tiniest of spaces. A crack in your door can create an ideal pathway for bugs to enter your home quickly. To fill up the cracks in your door, here are some simple steps you can follow;

  • First, prepare for the sealing process by cleaning out all the dirt and debris from the cracks.
  • Second, identify the size of the crack and select the right adhesive for the door.
  • Third, fill up the cracks with the wood filler and let it stay for a few hours.
  • Fourth, wipe off the excess filler, sandpaper the surface, and paint the door.

2. Pest Entry Points in the Perimeter

The area that the exterior walls meet the foundation may develop cracks over time. As a result the cracks make it easy for pests like the cement ant and termites to enter your home.

To keep these areas pest free, ensure that excess remove excess mulch from around the walls. Also, ensure that part of your foundation can be seen by moving the soil that accumulates just above the house foundation. For better protection of your home from pests, regularly inspect the sidewalls for signs of damage.

3. Wall Passages

The gaps in the utility lines give pests a trail to follow to your house. Broken vents can also be a pathway for the bugs to enter your home. To cover these routes, make sure that plumbing, heating, and cable holes have a cover from the inside and outside. Repair all the exhaust fans and spray pest barriers to repel the insects. To keep off squirrels and bats that might be seeking shelter in the attics, place practical barriers in the roof vents. Also make sure that any possible entrances are sealed-off in all seasons.

4. Plants around the House

The vegetations that touch your house could be harboring dangerous pests. They can also make it easy for bugs to get in and out of your home freely.

Check that there are no trees that are in contact with your buildings. Also, keep the area close to the walls of your house plant-free. For the lawn, do regular mowing, fertilizing, and watering.

5. Food

Proper storage of food is essential. Keep food items in sealed containers and away from the reach of most pests. Properly clean all the kitchen surface and use organic repellents to divert the insects and prevent bugs from entering your home.

You can also try to use a single waste disposal bin around the house. Place the container in a strategic place like the kitchen. For the outdoors trash can, make sure that it is always covered and put away from the access of rodents. In addition, sterilize trash bins after every waste disposal procedure.

Stops Pests From Entering Your Home

In conclusion, having year-round plans for your pest control procedures is essential. Therefore, a good pest control company in Utah will also help you keep up with advanced pest management systems.

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