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Hey everyone, this is Tyler with Bamboo. I’m here with my kids. One thing that we get a lot of comments on is right now it’s pretty cold outside, it’s early spring. And if you just take a look outside, you’re not really seeing a lot of bugs. But what a lot of people just

Hey guys, it is Tyler with Bamboo here with another quick little tip for you. So one thing that we’ve noticed is, if you can see, the spider webs around this light post your lights that are around garages, patios, doorways, insects are attracted to that light at night. And so spiders tend to make

Hey guys, it’s Tyler with Bamboo. I just wanted to show you something real quick. One thing that we’ve noticed is on the driveways in like patios and stuff and so push up the dirt. I don’t know if you can see all this behind me. But one thing when you do your pest controller

Ants can be annoying, especially when they get in your house. Since they live in colonies, they will enter your house in large numbers in search of food and shelter. However, ant control methods are possible once you have a basic understanding of ant behavior. Ants use pheromone trails to mark their routes. The paths

As we head into the hotter months of summer, we sometimes get calls from our Bamboo lawn care customers who are concerned that their fertilization program is no longer working. They begin to see patches of yellow or brown grass throughout their lawn. They wonder if these “dead spots” are caused by insects, a fungus,

What are the most common pests in Utah and how can you identify them? The first step in pest eradication is pest identification. Keep in mind that not all pests need to be eradicated. Some pests are helpful and should be left alone. By learning some basic characteristics of pests, you will have a better