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Hey guys, this is Tyler with bamboo. Hey, I wanted to show you you see like this stuff growing in the lawn? Seems like every year I get a call and people are asking me, Hey, what is this? What’s causing it? And how do I get rid of it. So I actually got some

Hey everyone, this is Tyler with bamboo, I just wanted to show you a couple things that I’m doing today I’m doing a property assessment. It’s basically a lot of measurements on the lawn that I do two of the measurements that I do, I have this little thing that’s a soil pH tester. And

Hey guys, this is Tyler with bamboo. I’m at my house I apologize, we live by a busy road. So you’re going to hear cars driving by. But uh, we’re This is actually our first spring here in this house. And about a month ago, I noticed that there was this ring of really nice

As we head into the hotter months of summer, we sometimes get calls from our Bamboo lawn care customers who are concerned that their fertilization program is no longer working. They begin to see patches of yellow or brown grass throughout their lawn. They wonder if these “dead spots” are caused by insects, a fungus,

Every spring we at Bamboo Servicing receive several calls from distressed customers who say that their grass looks like wheat.  By this they mean that their grass is split at the end, revealing seeds that look like wheat stocks. Some people wonder if their grass has a fungus or insect infestation, or if there is

If you are like most people, you’ve wondered what the difference is between white and yellow dandelions. Why do two different weeds have the same name? The truth is, white and yellow dandelions are the same type of weed, just at different stages of development. Both are distraction when you want a green lawn in