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Tips to Handle Pests and Prevent Them from Spreading During the Summer

Summer is the favorite season for many people who choose to go out and enjoy the sunny weather. Unfortunately, some creatures stand against them having a peaceful summer every single year. It’s simply because summer is also the preferable time for ants, box elder bugs, spiders, termites, flies, mice, cockroaches, bees, and wasps to come out and damage peoples’ properties. Pests don’t stop at damaging properties; they are also very dangerous as they spread infections and viruses.

While the pest control service may always seem like the best solution to handle pests and prevent them from spreading, there are also some tips and solution that anyone can use to counter them.

  • Keep your Kitchen and Bathroom Clean and Dry

Nothing attracts pests more than a dirty space. A counter full of food particles is like a treasure chest to ants and many other pests. One of the first and most important measures to counter pest infestation is to clean your kitchen and bathroom regularly with a disinfectant cleaner. Kitchen counters and racks should be cleaned regularly and wiped out of the food particles that attract insects, ants, and flies.

The same principle applies to bathrooms as they should always be clean and dry; the toilet, sink, and bathroom floor should be cleaned and dried regularly. At the same time, the drain has to be covered and cleaned from hair and soap particles.

While this measure will not eliminate pests completely, it will make a huge difference in preventing them from spreading.

  • Find their Entry and Block It

This might seem like an obvious thing to do but you would be surprised to know that most people don’t give it any importance. Most insects and bugs find their way into properties through holes in the walls or under doorframes. At the same time, mice can make a way out of the tiniest of openings.

To fix this problem, you need to check your house thoroughly and find any holes in the walls or cracks in your windows or any pest source behind the sink or close to pipes. With a good quality silicone, you can block the entry and make it harder to pests to get to your property.

  • Fix Windows and Cover them with Nets

Covering windows with nets will block the entry of flies, mosquitos, and spiders. This has always been an effective measure to keep flying pests outside properties. When it comes to blocking window entries for pests, nets are not enough as you need to make sure that all windows are 100% fixed from any broken panes or glasses.

  • Seek Professional Pest Control Assistance

While there are so many tricks and measures that you can use to keep pests off your properties, nothing is as efficient as a professional intervention. This is simply because most used measures decrease the spread of pests but never eliminate them completely. Pest control service professionals are trained to know exactly where to look and use the necessary tools and chemicals. Of course, seeking professional intervention depends on the spread of pests in your property. There are cases where the problem can be solved easily but when you find that pests are spreading widely and heavily inside your property, seeking professional help becomes a must because pests can be dangerous for your family’s health.

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Pest Control Tips!

We know that knowing how to protect your home and property gaainst pests is really important and soemthing that we don’t give much thought to until it’s too late. Well for those reading this and you are in the latter category we hope this helps get started!

Pest Control Tip #1

Granule in the yard helps push bugs off your property and helps eliminate the pests from coming into your home and walls. Having your own granule protection around your house is important especially when your neighbors are also pushing bugs off their property.

Pest Control Tip #2

Spraying pest control before you start seeing bugs helps prevent bugs from forming nests and hives. Once bugs are seen, they often have homes build and now they are starting to explore.

Pest Control Tip #3

Where there is one, there is most likely more. One army queen ant can lay around 300,000 ants in a few days! It then takes 7-14 days for the eggs to hatch.

Killing the visible ants does not kill the problem, it just delays them from getting into your house. Professional Pest Services can get to the root of the problem and eliminate the colony so they don’t keep sending their armies into your home!

Pest Control Tip #4

Using a professional pest control service will always be better than doing it yourself. Knowing what product to get is only half the battle. The other half is knowing where to spray, knowing where the access points are, and how bugs are getting into your home. Knowing the seasons that bugs and pests are active and that even when you aren’t seeing activity, the bugs are making nests. Here in Utah County, especially Pleasant Grove, Lehi, American Fork, and Highland, are heavy areas for bug traffic that can be overwhelming for homeowners and renters.

We are one of the top specialists in Utah County and Salt Lake County on Pest Control. We seek to help others understand better how to protect their homes against the constant barrage of pests each year. Call our local Utah specialists near you to get your FREE FAST QUOTE today!

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