Going Green with Organic Pest Control Methods

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Going Green with Organic Pest Control Methods

It is possible to keep creepy pests away while still maintaining a safe environment. Organic pest control methods have been around for years, and with technological advances, it is now easy to apply the best green pest control techniques. Going green on pest control methods is all about having a clean environment. It is for this reason that every organic pest control method you use must be safe around people, animals, soil, and runoff water.

So, what are some of the reasons of choosing an organic pest control system?

1. Organic Pesticides Utilize Essential Oils

Most organic essential oils are readily available products. Neem oil is available in most stores and efficiently works by eradicating pests through altering their growth cycle.

There is also the use of eucalyptus oil for flying insects like the bees, flies, or wasps — a mix of eucalyptus oil and water act as an excellent repellent for most bugs around the home.

What about the problematic crawling ants? Well, for this, you can periodically apply a mix of citrus oil and cayenne pepper to keep them away. You can also place cloves and ground coffee on their trails to disrupt their pheromone trail.

Many other oils eradicate pests. A search through the internet will reveal the best fit for each job.

2. Organic Pest Control Targets Specific Pests

Most natural pesticides work in harmony with nature. They eradicate dangerous or annoying bugs while maintaining useful ones. Organic pest control methods are mostly in use on farms where both the destructive and important pests live in the soil.

The organic pesticides are also useful in ridding the bugs within days of their application. Their viability gives them an advantage over the chemical pesticides whose viability only lasts for a while.

3.  A Safe Environment

Having a safe environment is the main reason we use organic matters. You can have the peace of mind that children and pets will not suffer adverse effects in case of contact. Organic chemicals are also safe around runoff waters. In the case of rain, you do not have to worry about introducing harmful chemicals into the drainage and other water sources.

4. Organics are Easy to Implement

Organics are easy to constitute and most of the instructions are readily available around us. It is possible to carry out the process of constitution and application all by yourself without seeking the help of exterminators. All you have to do is learn the underlying trends of the bugs and know their preferred scents and tastes. You can then do research on the organic pest control oils that can eradicate each and apply accordingly.

Organic pest control methods are the best do-it-yourself remedies for home pests. They may, however, not work at all times and the services of a pest control company may be needed. The experts at Bamboo Pest Control, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, can greatly improve your chances of success when going green.

5. The Best Solution

Working with an experienced and Eco-friendly pest control company is your best bet. Although you may want to go find the eco-friendly solutions and do it yourself, a company that is capable and experienced can do it at a far better price and quicker than you will be able to. Bamboo Pest Control is one of the leaders in Utah for Eco-friendly pest control. Contact us today and get your fast free quote to know how we can help protect your home and the environment around your home!

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