How Often Should You Spray for Pest Control?

How often should you spray for pest control

How Often Should You Spray for Pest Control?

Prevention is better than treatment when it comes to pest control. With most pests getting into our homes when we least expect them, creating a year-round barrier is vital. Many factors determine how often you should spray for pest control, but what is most important is that the pests go away from your home and stay away for good.

Level of Infestation

Some pests invade in large numbers, and they come ready to destroy. An example is the termites that destroy your wooden structures leaving you with huge losses. For such kinds of infestation, you have to treat your home every month for a thorough clean up. Failure to spray often may lead to the reemergence of the colonies and extreme damage to your property.

Types of Pests

Most types of spider are easy to detect, spray, and get rid of in our homes. Other pests, however, like German cockroaches are resistant to most chemicals and require regular treatment to keep them away. A comparison between the two pests shows a need to apply monthly treatments for the stubborn insects and apply quarterly barriers for pests that are seasonal in our homes.

Size of Property

It is recommended that large properties with many secluded places be inspected and sprayed every month. Smaller buildings that are easy to monitor daily can benefit from the quarterly spraying of the perimeters.

Types of Chemicals

The types of chemicals you are using also determines how often you should spray for pest control. Pests react differently to various types of chemicals. Others even gain resistance to certain pesticides over time. It is, therefore, essential to adjust the application processes of the pesticide over time.

The adjustments may also require checking for the effects of weather changes to the action of the chemicals. A wash down of some chemicals may require a repeat application especially during the rainy season.

Clean Surroundings

A clean surrounding is less likely to experience massive pest infestation. The spraying procedures can be done quarterly or even semi-annually depending on the environment.

To maintain a clean surrounding, ensure that the surfaces are cleaned regularly, food items are well covered, and that your waste is disposed of correctly.

Areas of Application

It is vital to create a pest barrier all around our properties. But some areas, like the indoors, are sensitive and special care should be taken when spraying. If you have children and pets around, you may want to have the inside of your home sprayed less frequently. The areas that can benefit from the monthly sprays are the lawns and perimeters of the house.

Contact Bamboo Pest Control

Consult the professionals at Bamboo Pest Control for insights on how often you should spray for pest control. We are well equipped with knowledge on specific pest behavior and can offer the best advice on the timing of applications.



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