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Lawn Fertilization


We Believe in The Value of Care

Choosing the Right Lawn Fertilizer Product

All lawns are different, and selecting the right fertilizer product to meet your lawn’s needs may seem overwhelming at first. Don’t worry. Scotts has the right product to meet all of your lawn fertilizer needs. All Bamboo Servicing granular fertilizer products feed for up to 2 months, and each application should be spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Why Fertilize?

Just like we need more nutrients than water can provide to survive, so does your lawn. Feeding your lawn 6 times a year with products provided by Bamboo Servicing helps it stay green and grow thick. Maintaining a thick, lush lawn helps prevent weed seeds from sprouting and moving in.


An Expert Lawn Care Fertilizer Service

Feeding your lawn and landscaping is more than simply a matter of applying any available fertilizer over everything green. Proper application depends on factors like timing and soil conditions, as well as the variety and needs of your grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers. When it comes to feeding your turf, you can count on our expertise to determine exactly what your landscape requires to grow healthy and stay healthy. We’ll consider every detail, including:

  • The age of your landscape
  • The variety of your turfgrass
  • The time of year
  • The overall health of your turf
  • The programs that will work within your budget


The Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization is crucial for more than just healthy-looking turf. By strengthening the root structure, it also aids in durability and water retention. Many don't realize that fertilization also offers the added benefit of weed control. By making your grass healthy and thick, fertilizer helps prevent the growth of unwanted plants. Most weed seeds won’t penetrate the soil underneath a thick, healthy lawn; and those that do won't be likely to receive the sunlight and water they need to germinate. By feeding the "good", meaning the grass on your lawn, you effectively starve the "bad" (weeds).

Establishing and maintaining a regularly scheduled turf management program goes a long way towards protecting your landscape by ensuring it grows beautifully and robustly. At Bamboo Servicing, we know all the ins and outs of successfully fertilizing residential and commercial landscapes, including when to do so and what products to use. It's more of a science than an art, which is why trusting it to professionals is a very good idea.


Why Choose Lawn Care Services?

Our custom lawn programs will enhance your yard’s overall look.

That means that your lawn’s treatment will be tailored to your particular area.

You won’t have to treat or fertilize your lawn, pull out weeds, or control insects. We’ll do it all.

You can hand your time-consuming, back-breaking outdoor work to us.

Our customer service commitment is measured by the number of clients who choose us to serve them season after season, year after year.

We’re a local, family-owned business that hires and trains individuals from this area, so you’ll be able to talk to the same people, every time.

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