Mice Problems in Utah County

mice problem in Utah County

Mice Problems in Utah County

Have you ever heard a scurrying noise around your floor or in the kitchen? Have you noticed suspicious droppings around your home? If so, you may have mice infestation. All they need is a source of food and safe shelter and they will not leave your home. Mice problems in Utah county are very common. Utah is the premier habitat for mice. According to the Natural History Museum of Utah, there are 36 different mice species in Utah. Mice are a very common pest in the U.S but it’s not easy to deal with mice.

Once you identify an infestation, it can grow rapidly, as mice reproduce very quickly and live in groups. A female mouse can give birth to 10 litters per year. Their life span is between 9 months to one year. It can be very difficult to deal with mouse infestation on your own.

Types of Mice in Utah

The most common types of mice that are found in Utah are Deer Mice, White-Footed Mouse, Pack Rats, Eurasian Harvest Mice. While there are subtle differences in mice appearance and behavior, most people simply care about keeping mice problems in Utah away from their living space.

Why and How to Treat Mice

Mice can spread bacteria and disease in humans and pets, such as salmonella and hantavirus. They can even bite if they feel threatened, damage your home by chewing electrical wires and furniture, and they can also spoil your stored food. Here are a few popular remedies for getting rid of mice problems in Utah county:

1. Close Entry Points:

The best solution for reducing the ability for mice to get in the home is to eliminate all entry points. Seal all window gaps and space under the doors. Mice often move along the walls and avoid open spaces. In order to find their path, look for noise and mice droppings.

2. Use Mouse Traps.

Mouse traps are also a good solution for mice infestations. Several types of mouse traps are available. You can use bait traps, multiple-capture live traps, and glue traps in conjunction with wooden traps. This gives you a better chance of catching all of the mice.

3. Choose the Best Bait for Mouse Traps.

Consider using a mouse’s favorite food for baits. Their favorite foods include chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, oatmeal, dried fruit, or hazelnut spread. Replace food bait every two days. The trap location should also be in a somewhat sheltered area so that mice can feel safe. Always place mouse baits in sealed bait stations.

4. Get a Cat:

Adopting a cat is a natural way to get rid of mice. Cats love to track and hunt mice. Although cats are very helpful to keep mice away, they don’t have access to all the areas where mice can hide. This is why it is beneficial to use other mice eradication methods as well. 

5. Good Sanitation:

Mice are attracted to the smell of garbage. Keep all cans and garbage away from your home to help to get rid of mice.

6. Keep your Food Away from Mice:

Keep all your food stored out of the reach of mice so that they will have less incentive to stay in your home.


The pest professionals at Bamboo Pest Control are experts at solving mice problems in Utah county. Contact us today for a free quote for mice eradication.



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