My Grass Looks Like Wheat. Help!

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My Grass Looks Like Wheat. Help!

Every spring we at Bamboo Servicing receive several calls from distressed customers who say that their grass looks like wheat.  By this they mean that their grass is split at the end, revealing seeds that look like wheat stocks. Some people wonder if their grass has a fungus or insect infestation, or if there is something lacking in their Bamboo Lawn Care treatment plan.  

Is This Normal?

The good news is that this process of grass seeding is completely normal. Like most other living things, grass wants to continue the circle of life and reproduce.  It does this by spreading seeds every spring.   Fortunately most grass varieties that make up your lawn are sterile and are unlikely to spread to unwanted areas, unless via root system expansion.

Top Tips to Keep Grass From Looking Like Wheat 

There isn’t much we can do from a fertilizing standpoint to reduce the chances of your grass looking like wheat for a few weeks each year around late spring. However there are things that you can do as a homeowner to help prevent this seeding somewhat, although you will likely still experience some seeding on your lawn.


  • Water frequently. Make sure you are watering frequently enough and for long enough cycles. Without enough water, the seeds may become dehydrated and turn a little yellow or brown. This can greatly reduce the lush, green look of your lawn that the experts at Bamboo Lawn Care are working with you to create.
  • Mow often. Mow your lawn often but do not take too much grass off at one time. As a general rule, don’t mow off more than one third of the blade of grass at one time. Also make sure that your mower blade is sharp.  Both of these lawn mowing techniques can help reduce grass blade splitting, which can result in your grass looking like wheat and turning brown or yellow at the edges.


If you don’t take the above precautions, it may prompt the grass to seed faster and have a longer seeding season. For more information on reducing the chances of having your grass look like wheat, as well as other Utah lawn care tips, contact the professionals at Bamboo Lawn Care.




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