Our Company

You hear a lot of companies these days say different things to bring customer’s in, but how often do those companies actually do what they say? Here at Bamboo Pest Control, we are devoted to building consistently reliable and trustworthy relationships so we can prove to the world that loyalty is NOT dead. We are the team that is here for you and your family! We are the team that is here to not just run in, do a service, and run back out. We want to be your friends too! Tell us your hobbies, let us share a joke with you, let us be your go-to team! We know we have great product. We know we can do an amazing job, but we want to SHOW you that your relationship with Bamboo Pest Control is a priority to us!

Why Bamboo Pest Control

Because we care about protecting what’s important to you.

  • We are your helpful partner, providing knowledge and assistance in the uncertainties that come with pests.
  • We make pest control and maintenance managable and easy to understand.
  • We are the most effective pest control company, with our extensive PestFree365 that goes above and beyond the competition.
  • We relentlessly pursue innovative advancements to provide the best technology resources for our customers.

Committed to Safety

Safety is our highest priority. Keeping your family and your business safe.

  • All our technicians pass thorough background checks and routine random drug screenings.
  • All our chemicals are safe for children and pets.
  • All our vehicles are tracked and monitored
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