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BED BUGS: As bed bug numbers continue to increase across America, the likelihood of getting an infestation in your home is becoming more and more likely. All a bed bug needs to get into your home is something to crawl on or into.


ANTS: There are 700 species of ants found around the world, but only 25 species infest homes. It’s the most numerous insect in the world and found on every continent on the planet, except Antarctica.


SPIDERS: Spiders are arachnids and as such, each one comes equipped with eight legs and fangs. While spiders are often feared, they are fantastic predators and eliminate a number of irritating insects.


RODENTS: When it comes to the destruction of your home and your health, there are few creatures that are as menacing as rodents. They transmit a variety of nasty diseases that can ruin your health.


STINGING PESTS: Stinging insects can be dangerous and destructive around your home and yard. These pests send more than 500,000 people to the emergency room every year as many of them have aggressive natures and repeatedly sting their victims.


OTHER PESTS: Other pests consist of a miscellaneous group of pests that commonly infest homes but don’t have a genre they fit into. These include parasitic pests like ticks and fleas to insects that infest your floors and cabinets such as cockroaches and carpet beetles, just to name a few.

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