Bamboo Pest Control Benefits Every Business in Pleasant Grove & American Fork, Utah

Our Most Popular Pest Control Services For Retail

We offer a full breadth of services for our commercial clients. Every service is customized for your specific needs and timeframe. A dedicated commercial account representaitve will help you, who is trained to the specialized needs of business clients.

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Pest Control

Our flagship program, customized for your business to target all crawling pests specifically around the needs of your business. Makes ongoing pest prevention easy.

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Pest control program targeting all crawling pests using eco-friendly and green pest control practices. Making it safe and all natural.


Rodent Control

Mice, Gophers, Voles, and Rat can wreck havoc on restaurants and warehouses including damaging valuable inventory, and ruining your reputation.


Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can easily terrorize your restaurantthe properties that you maintainyour business. They can have untold impact on the reputation of your business. But we can quickly get the problem under control.


Bed Bugs Elimination

Bed Bugs are one of the toughest pests to eliminate. Our specialists can perform regular inspections, or treatments as necessary to help your business.


Termite Treatments

We can offer pre-treatments for new properties or termite control programs for existing properties. Our specialists will stop the infestation before more damage occurs.


Fly Control

Forget nasty looking fly strips hanging from the ceiling. We can remove fly infestations by targeting the source. Special treatments over drains, pipes, and ducts where flies breed.


Mosquito Control

Mosquitos carry diseases and are a nuisance to your event guests.your tennants.your employees.. We offer an effective solution to remove even the heaviest of mosquito infestations with safe and automated control techniques.


Wildlife Control

Racoons, snakes, deer, and other large animals causing you problems? One of our wildlife control experts can show you the options you have to remove or deter the animals off your property.


Bird Control

Office BuildingsWarehousesBusinesses often run into bird problems that get out of control. Pigeon feces can transmit deadly diseases and causes incredible damage to building paint, A/C systems and solar panels. Not to mention ruining the visual appearance of your building.

Bringing green, natural pest control to business. Our effective EcoControl Commercial can fight pests without the compromise of safety.

Ask About Upgrading to EcoControl Commercial to earn LEED Credits for your business

Customized Service For Your Business

More than a monthly spray, our team of specialized pest experts can create a customized Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) specifically tailored to your business and its unique needs.

  • Detailed Interior & Exterior Inspections.
  • Pest Identification & Analysis of Activity.
  • Personal recommendations by our pest specialists on methods for controlling pests.
  • Treatment of affected areas & Implementation of methods to control pests.
  • Continuous evaluation of treatment progress and reports on necessary modifications to improve effectiveness.
  • Educational materials or seminars for facility staff to address actions and conditions affesting pest activity in your business.
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Easy and Transparent Reporting

For our commercial clients, we offer an advanced reporting system unavailable throughout the industry. This allows you to stay on top of your pest program with pest reports from our technicians, data sheets, upcoming schedules and more.

Manage a Single Location or Multiple Locations from one place.

See Live Technician Reports with images and detailed notes.

Track pest activity over time.

Generate advanced reports.

Lifetime history records for audits.

Pesticide usage log.

Track schedules and Technician Arrival.

Flexible Plans


Never See a Pest Again!

Targets all kinds of crawling insects and rodents
  • Discreet and Professional
  • Text message alerts when technician is arriving
  • Full Reporting and Audit Trail via our web portal
  • Track pest activity over time
  • Emailed reports after each treatment with technician notes, pesticide usage, and reported activity


Eliminate pesky wildlife or large infestations

Targets specific pests to eliminate a problem over a short series of intensive treatments.
  • Discreet and Professional
  • Text message alerts when technician is arriving
  • Track pest activity over time
  • Emailed reports after each treatment with technician notes, pesticide usage, and reported activity


Solving Serious Pest Control Problems, Quickly

Target specific pests for events, move outs, inspections and more.
  • Discreet & Professional
  • Quick & Effective
  • Great for one time events or nasty infestations
  • Customized to your specific pest problems
  • Emailed reports after each treatment with technician notes, pesticide usage, and reported activity

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