Katherine S

“Bamboo Pest Control does an amazing job! I was plagued with many spiders coming into the house and residing around the property, however after Tyler came and sprayed, I haven’t had any pest problems. I initially thought that there would be an unpleasant odor associated with the spray, but I didn’t smell a thing. It was fabulous! Thank you for such quality service!”

Tracy B

“We just started using Bamboo Pest Control and have been so impressed! My husband was home when they came to spray and I was surprised when he messaged me and told me how nice they and friendly they were (he’s a great judge of character so for him to say that really means a lot). Bamboo Pest Control employees are very knowledgeable and know their chemicals. I will NOT work in the yard if I see spiders or bugs so I leek very comfortable depending on them to keep my garden happy and bug free! Thanks Bamboo Pest Control!!”

Peggy S

“We were so surprised at how fast the tech came. He was fast and even went back and did some areas again. He told us if we had any problems to just give them a call. The price was very reasonable.”

Tami F

“Great service! I’d researched spider control for several weeks and couldn’t swallow the huge price tags (regardless of the enormous spiders at my house!). I finally found Bamboo and had such a great experience. They were able to come the day I called them, surveyed and sprayed the house, and quickly set me up on a quarterly plan…for so much cheaper (and more thorough) than others. Highly recommend!”

Scott H

“Tyler did a stupendous job doing pest control for me. He offers a killer price in comparison to the other options in my area. He does it quickly and doesn’t take all day. I would highly recommend Bamboo Pest Control for any pest problems you will have.”

Derek W

“My wife picked up the phone and less than 1 hour later the problem was solved. It was as easy as that! Tyler’s service was excellent and the chemicals used were appropriate and safe. *Definitely* would recommend and use again.”


“Tyler came last week and went above and beyond-great customer service! He showed my daughters and their cousins the different nests he found and taught all of us a little bit about the different wasps’ behaviors. He was very polite and even sprayed around the area our pool cover retracts into in order to cut down on the number of spiders and creepy crawlies that find their way into our pool. Since his treatment of our house-inside and out-we have not had any problems with spiders, wasps, etc. I *highly* recommend Bamboo Pest Control. Truly exceptional customer service such as this company’s is hard to find.”

Traci W

“Bamboo Pest Control sprayed my daughter’s apartment for spiders. It has a lot of vines growing everywhere that spiders just take over. Since Bamboo sprayed there has not been any signs of spiders. Highly recommend and responsibly priced.”

Gloria L

“Bamboo pest control has been spraying my house for a little while now. They’re very thorough with applying pest control throughout the house. There’s no odor to the applications that they put. We haven’t seen any bugs in or around our house since we’ve been servicing with bamboo. I would highly recommend them. They are very friendly also. Tyler, the owner is very knowledgeable about what kinds of bugs they are and how to get rid of them. Thanks for your great service.”

Tom R

“We were having a bug problem in one of our bedrooms. We texted Tyler a picture of the bugs one evening. He wasn’t able to tell what it could be from a picture and offered to come and check it out in person. When he arrived, he took the time to very thoroughly search the room for signs of the bugs and then researched what they were so that he could let us know exactly what we were dealing with and what options he recommended. He did a very quick yet thorough job and we are quite happy with the results. I was impressed with his availability (he texted us in the evening when we first spotted the bugs), his candor and openness (he wasn’t familiar with this particular bug but was willing to do the research) and his work. We are bug free happy customers.”

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