Termite Inspections & Treatment in Pleasant Grove & American Fork, Utah

Get a thorough inspection before buying a new home, to prevent future surprises.

Termite Inspections

One of our licensed and qualified termite inspection technicians can do a thorough inspection of your house for any early signs of Termites or Carpenter Ants.


Termite Treatments

If you already know you have termites, or you want to pre-treat your home’s vulnerable areas, we can help make sure that termites aren’t in your future. Our treatments last up to 10 years.

Qualified professionals for your FHA & VA loan

NPMA33 Inspections

Protect yourself during your next big investment. Not only is a wood boring insects inspection required for new loans, but it can also protect you from tens of thousands of dollars of future treatments.

Wood Destroying Pests

Did you know that Termites are not the only pests that can cause structural damage to your home? Other pests can cause just as much damage. Every Blockade Pest Control Wood Destroying Insect inspection, checks for the existance of all Wood Destroying Pests, not only termites.



Termites are often confused with other wood destroying pests, but they are distinguishable by their translucent body color, and piles of sawdust they leave behind.


Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants can be just as devestating to your home as Termites as they live in your wood walls and eat away at the structure in the same way.

Utah weather affects pest control

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees eat away at dry and unpainted wood. They are commonly found in windowsills, door jambs, and railings. Living in small holes.


Powderpost Beetle

While they look different and unique than what you might expect, the Powderpost Beetle lays its larvae in holes it bores in old wood, creating an infestation.

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Are You Building a New Home?

Pre-Construction Treatment

The safest way to never deal with a termite again is to treat the home at its foundation before it is even built. The treatment is the most effective available and involves treating the foundation soon after it is laid. A small and smart decision to make to prevent future problems.

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