Several days – several weeks, in most cases.

The exact amount of time to see results varies based on a number of factors such as the pest(s) being treated, the level of infestation and the time of year.

In order to effectively treat the pest issue(s), we need to get ahead of the pests’ reproductive rate.

Since most pests reproduce rapidly, it generally takes at least a few days for the treatment to take effect and decrease the pest population enough so it can’t replenish faster than the treatment is working.

All our services include a follow-up treatment after the initial treatment to make sure any remaining pests are eliminated.

Finally, all our services include a 100% guarantee:

  • For seasonal services like our Pest Free Guarantee™, this guarantee lasts year-round.
  • For 1-time services like our Bed Bug Control service or Roach Control service, this guarantee lasts for 30 days after the second treatment.
  • If you see any pest activity during the guarantee period, just give our friendly customer service team a call and we’ll send out a technician at no charge to take care of it!