Even though the products we use are professional-grade and stronger than what you can buy at the local hardware store, they are only allowed to last up to approximately 90 days. After this point, they lose effectiveness.

In order to maintain an effective barrier against pests around your home, we need to re-apply the product(s) every 90 days.

While there are obviously fewer bugs in the winter, they don’t go away entirely:

  • Some bugs such as bed bugs, roaches, fleas and spiders are active year-round.
  • Other bugs like wasps, stinkbugs and boxelder bugs look for warm places to shelter in over the winter. If the barrier around your home is left to expire, then these bugs will make their way into your home in large numbers during the fall and winter, and you’ll have a huge number of pest problems in the spring when the weather warms up.
  • Our technicians use a combination of sprayed solution and dust treatment over the winter to maintain an effective barrier against pests regardless of snow or other winter weather conditions.

Rodents are also active year-round, and they will aggressively try to move indoors over the winter seeking shelter from the cold:

  • Once inside, rodents like mice can rapidly reproduce in your home and quickly turn into a full-blow infestation.
  • In fact, 1 female mice can have 100+ babies per year, so a small rodent issue can turn into a large one fast!
  • Small rodents like mice are included in our Pest Free Guarantee™ seasonal service. Seasonal service helps us quickly identify and treat any rodent issues, so we stay ahead of their reproductive rate and never let them turn into an infestation.