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Our specialized program provides you more advanced pest control than anyone else, all for a great competitive price.

4 Season Pest Control, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
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Don't take a chance, take a guarantee. Our program is the most comprehensive plan available, with skilled and caring technicians you can trust. If you see any bugs between your normal treatments, we will come re-treat for free.

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Spring Coverage

Warm weather bugs are going to start showing up and it is our job to keep them at bay. Extra care is taken during this season to target wasp nests, because stopping them now can prevent them from your home all year. Ants are also of higher concern at this time and special baits are used to push ants out of your home. Other treatments are done to keep general bugs and spiders at bay while they start to come out for summer.

Top Spring Pests:



Wasps start building their nests at this time of year. We remove the nests before they become a nuisance.



You will notice ants trying to make new homes for the summer. We can bait and poison for them pre-emptively.



Spring is when you start to see the cobwebs and spider webs show up. They are starting their egg laying and we must stop it.

Spring Service Includes:

This spray will kill bugs on contact. This includes spiders, mites, box elder bugs, millipedes, ants, and other common insects.

This spray is sprayed in common pest traffic zones like baseboards, foundation cracks, closets, and under cabinets. This spray leaves an invisible and safe residue that lasts 90 days to kill any bugs that pass over it during the residual period.

We spray the foundation of your home from the ground, up at least 3 feet using a truck mounted sprayer. We also look for cracks and entrances and spray them thoroughly to prevent bugs from crawling into or on your home.

Our slow acting granule is spread through the grass and flowerbed around your home’s perimeter. These granules attract and poison pests, creating a barrier around your home. These granules work well on flies, mosquitoes, and other common insects like spiders.

As spring hits, spiders start to spin up webs and lay eggs for their hatchlings. We inspect both inside and out, for webs and remove them on site. We spray the area afterward to prevent them from coming back.

Wasps will begin looking for small eves and crevices around your home to build a nest and begin colonating. Wasps are aggressive and should be eliminated quickly to keep your family safe this summer. A technician will perform a wasp inspection, removing any nests or colonies they discover.

Ants crop up and start searching for new homes in the spring. Our spring treatment includes baiting for ants to kill off colonies as they are small and keep your home ant-free throughout the summer and fall.

Blockade Gives Back

10% of your quarterly service fee goes to offering free treatments to local residents who have bug problems whom can't afford professional help. Many kids even require bug treatments to be allowed back to school if their home is too infested with bed bugs, fleas, or lice.

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