We Are Bamboo Pest Control

Bamboo Pest Control

We Are Bamboo Pest Control

We at Bamboo Pest Control have earn a reputation for providing the best pest control services in Utah. We offer both residential and commercial pest control services.

We are a family friendly pest control company, and we also offer expert services in lawn care, and holiday lighting. With all of their products being high quality, you are assured of a satisfaction guarantee in every application.

Bamboo Pest Control understands the importance of environmental conservation. We have crafted a system that allows the use of chemicals that are safe around your family and pets. With Bamboo, you do not have to worry about unpleasant odors in your building.

How Long does a Bamboo Pest Control Service Take?

Our call response time is pretty fast (usually within 24-48 hours) and so are our pesticide application processes are quick and thorough. You can expect your initial application treatment to take 45 minutes and the recurring service to take roughly 20-30 minutes.

What Takes Place During a Bamboo Pest Control Service?

We at Bamboo Pest Control follow a specific routine that will guarantee results. Our pest control service plan includes the following:

1. Inspect

First, a board-certified technician will inspect your structure including the hollow wall, vents, basements, attics, and crevices. He will positively identify the pests and give advice on the best pest control methods.

2. Protect

Second, the technician will create a custom integrated pest management plan that is suited for your specific needs. Next, he will begin the pest control routine aiming to give you zero pest nuisances between applications.

3. Guarantee

Next, he will draft a follow-up routine that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction in every treatment applied.

The Pest Library

There are different kinds of pests that Bamboo Pest Control eradicates. Some pests are common while others can only be spotted during certain seasons. Here are the types of pests Bamboo can help you eliminate:

Spiders Mud daubers
Ants Centipedes
Rodents Carpet beetles
Bees and wasps Box elder bugs
Ear wigs Brown June Bugs (Stink bugs)
Mites Rolly pollys (Sow bugs)
Silverfish Millipedes

Areas of Service

Bamboo has created exceptional services that are available to residents of these areas:

Pleasant Grove Salt Lake City
Lehi Orem
Eagle Mountain Provo
Spanish Fork Draper
Riverton West Valley
Payson Sandy

Contact Us

In conclusion, you can keep your environment pest free by hiring the best pest control company in Pleasant Grove. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial pest extermination services, contact Bamboo Pest Control at 385-429-2847.



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