What Does a Pest Control Barrier Around your Home Mean?

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What Does a Pest Control Barrier Around your Home Mean?

Pests are always lurking in the outdoors, looking for a warm place to live and searching for available food. Without a proper pest control barrier, the pests will crawl or jump through entrances and nest in your home. Their presence in our spaces is never welcome, and this is because they spread diseases, damage structures, or spoil our food.

Physical vs. Chemical Pest Control Barriers

To keep creepy pests away from your home, you will need to create pest control barriers that they cannot pass. Barriers can be physical, such as meshed shields around entry points like chimneys windows. Barriers can also be chemical in nature, and can be sprayed around the yard to repel pests.

The use of granules as another form of a chemical barrier can also be a good option. Granules prevent the emergence of ground pests that may be in the yards neighboring yours. Keeping the ground bugs away means avoiding the presence of other prey that feed on them. Most of what is considered as prey to smaller insects may find it appealing to seek shelter in your home. An example of this is are snakes that feed on rodents. They may be out digging for moles one minute and safely looking for a resting place in your clutter-filled garage in the next minute. Due to the inconveniences that some of these pests bring, it is essential to carry out a pest control barrier both indoors and outdoors.

Pest Control Barrier Steps

The proper placement of barriers is essential, and these steps will help you achieve maximum success.

  • Identify the kind of pests in your locality.
  • Plan proper pesticide application based on seasonal migration of pests and when large infestations occur.
  • Choose the right pesticide for the job.
  • Start your treatment program.
  • Schedule frequent follow-ups to check on the effectiveness of the barriers.


Bamboo Pest Control provides a pest control barrier plan that ensures year-round protection for your home. The program also includes the regular application of pest control barriers in case there is an emergence of new pest infestations. Contact Bamboo Pest Control for customized pest control recommendations today. 



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